Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WOW! There are so many people who are
chatting with us in our tagbox, that i can't cope up with it.
So is it okay if i just post my replies here???
and it will soooo easy to read for you guys^^

Mrs. Kim Jaeda: thank you for the wonderful greeting you gave to our maknae^^
Btw, i already added you. Please do check^^ OMO! the poll is so true!!
Chunnie!!!poor poor you!!LOL

to everyone who greeted minnie: thank you for going here and just greet him^^
Let us continue on supporting him^^ Minnie Hwaiting!!!

Farahy: i know right!!! his car is soooo cool!! i would want to own one!! AUDI cars are my dream cars!!hahaha. even before i knew dbsk!lol