Friday, February 13, 2009

[Interview] 5.5 Hours with DBSK- Hero Jaejoong Version-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki/Jaejoong

Q: Saw you guys eating jjajungmyun just now, its really amazing.

A: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, the fans have seen us eating that so many times.

Q: You’re a really unique person out of the 5 of you. I heard that you’re only left with facial expressions at times?
A: No, its definitely not like this.

Q: I dreamt that I was playing soccer with you last night. Seems like this is something that will never happen in my lifetime…
A: It might just happen. Let’s go play soccer during the weekend. I really like soccer, I even watched the club league. (T/N: I think he means some soccer league in Korea or something..)

Q: Really? So what does Hero Jaejoong think of Park Ji-lee’s soccer skills? Do give your rating.
A: 9 points. His attack was really smooth. He also helps his teammates, gives them good chances for scoring and attacking.

Q: Do you want to meet him, just like how your fans want to meet you?
A: He was in the same school as Yunho and Junsu. I’d definitely get his autograph if i met him.

Q: I heard you’re not really good at sports in fact. It won’t do if you get injured, right, because you’re really precious.
A: I tore my ligament previously when I was practicing a dance; I had surgery for that. I only exercised once after that, and my knee hurt a lot whenever anyone touched it. After that, I didn’t really dare to exercise anymore because it felt dangerous. The doctor also said that even a surgery wouldn’t help if I injured it again.

Q: What did you do for your 10-day break?
A: I went to visit my parents and friends. I also worked on composing songs when I had nothing to do.

Q: Who was with you then?
A: Nobody. I drove home myself.

Q: What car was it?
A: I’d tell you if you don’t publish it.

Q: What’s the difference?
A: Well…

Q: Seems like the fans know everything about you. They can even list out your schedule.
A: They even know how many beds we have in our bedroom.

Q: What, but there isn’t anything wrong with that right, there must be 5 beds if there are 5 of you.
A: 3.

Q: All 5 of you sleep there?
A: Our manager and 2 members sleep in a room. Junsu has a room, and another manager has a room. I sleep in the living room.

Q: The singer sleeps in the living room and the manager in the room?
A: I think its great sleeping in the living room, I like the space. I wake up naturally when people walk around in the morning.

Q: As a cultural icon of its time, students may be learning about DBSK in history texts in future. What would you want people to remember Hero Jaejoong as?
A: That my motto is “world peace”.

Q: World peace?
A: That would make the history textbooks comical.

Q: International idols have done a lot for the world- adopting children in Africa, encouraging people to help the disappearing rainforests and melting ice caps. What would you do to help achieve world peace?
A: I was just thinking about it, haven’t put anything into action yet. I once shouted from a stage in Japan, “Stop polluting the Earth!”

Source: DNBN + 殇·言
Translation by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero

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