Wednesday, February 11, 2009

[Translation]’Non no’ vol.4 Interview-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

As DBSK get more mature with time,they gradually cover their nature of cuteness with men’s charm,through their magnificent lyrical love songs and hot dances. This contrast reveals their charisma that we just cannot part with..

Changmin: I feel great while singing love songs! I once saw fans cry upon listening to us singing.Seeing that, though it’s a sad song I still feel warm and excited.
Junsu: Me too. Though sometimes my voice quivers due to lost of control over emotions, but after all, it’s a kind of feeling! I really feel happy to share my emotions with the audience.

Their skills of harmony singing are favored by many fans. Members harmonize their tones through eye contace while singing, which indicates their potential to lead a firm team. They are working hard towards Asian top stars. Now let’s hear they talk about their sweet or bitter Valentine memories..

Yunho: In high school I received her DIY chocolate, and I asked her out for a date as return. We watched beautiful sceneries together and dined together.
Yuchun: When I was in the US, in imitating a scene of the movie “A Walk to Remember”, my girlfriend and I stood on the boundary line between Virginia and West Virginia. I just wonder what she is doing now?
Junsu: Hanging out with other guys, don’t worry.
Yuchun: ……..Junsu was called “Uncle Charming” in high school, right?
Junsu: It’s”Prince”! (laugh) cuz I play soccer well and was popular among my fellows.
Changmin: I played soccer too, but not much popular, and I tried hard playing basketball….
Jaejoong: I got it! cuz there were many handsome guys like Changmin in Changmin’s school, but there were none in Junsu’s school!
Junsu: …..You pissed me off! But that might be the reason. How about your Valentine’s Day?
Jaejoong: Actually I was not popular at all during school time, there was nothing but bitter memories…

Credits: XIAH SHOW + HEYJJ + TVXQsoul
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