Sunday, April 26, 2009

[NEWS] SuJu KangIn to MC With Gagman Kim ByungMan on New KBS Variety Show- Super Junior/SuJu

Gagman Kim Byungman and Super Junior Kangin have become the MCs for KBS’s new variety show “게임쇼 기막힌 대결”

Kangin and Kim Byungman along with KBS’s announcer Hwang Sookyeong and Han Seokjun have become the 4 MCs of the show for KBS’s Spring reorganization. Therefore, it can bring energy to the show.

According to the production team, on the filming day, Kangin has showed people a gorgeous dance and also made a dance contest with Shiwon an Donghae

The show will aired at 10.55AM on April 26th

T/N: “게임쇼 기막힌대결” can be literally “Gameshow Stunned Contest”

Source: SJ Market

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