Monday, April 20, 2009

[Translation] 090419 Tohoshinki on J-WAVE ASIENCE SPIRIT Of ASIA

National Arena Tour 2009!!
We want to have a fun time with all of you in this arena tour, please expect it!

April 19, 2009 I'd like to welcome you TVXQ...

In February 2004, debuting in Korea. The overwhelming singing ability that all the members act as a lead singer,
the beauty of the chorus, attracted attention with height of dance performance, jumped to stardom suddenly.
Then, debuting as a new member of J-POP Wave in April, 2005.
Touring the following year at the National Hall, Budokan for 2 DAYS and called the most successful!!

Their momentum this year, knowing no boundaries, takes up the 4th album "The Secret Code" in 8 city with 15 performances, and planned for the largest ever arena tour in May 09.


What kind of woman you attractive to?

CHANGMIN > recently,I feel attracted to a homely woman.
When I see the woman with the family and care her parents, the woman looks very attractive.

YUNHO> I feel attracted to the sweet woman who notices small man.(i don't get the meaning of the small man here,sorry XD)

JAEJOONG> I feel attracted to a beautiful woman with clean legs and hands. Long or thin or not, I can feel the aura (laughs)

YOOCHUN> I like the homely woman, too. (母親と彼女が仲良く僕の悪口を言ってたり(笑)、最初から料理が上手いっていうよりは、僕のために努力して料理が上手くなってくれたりしたら嬉しいですよね。)- i don't get this part. if someone can translate this part, please do tell us. thanks!

JUNSU > I feel attracted to a women with beautiful smile.

Having steady activities before your big break in Japan, with the bond between members, was there a common desire?

CHANGMIN > When I came to Japan for the first time, I can't speak the Japanese, i don't know too much and i was lonely.
But with all the members in my side I was stouthearted at all and increased more than five times when I was in Korea.

Translations: heidy@sweetfig