Thursday, April 23, 2009

[Information] 090422 Which One Piece characters do DBSK members like?- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

A- Junsu likes Sanji.
Sanji is the cook of the team (ah Su always thinking about food) and his main weakness and also obsession are: Women!! Sanji nevers fights with his hands coz he wants to protect them (for cooking and touching women??). His left eye is always hidden behing his hair (i tought that jeajoong would choose him instead). Junsu said that he likes his name, but "sanji" in japanese means "3 hours" so i don't know what that means to our little dolphin.

B- Jaejoong and Yunho think that Junsu is Usopp

Usopp is a member of the crew and also the sniper/gunner. His name means "liar", that's why he has a long nose, like Pinocchio. He always imagines huge fake stories coz he's a coward. He's such a liar that he became skyzophrenic and he evoluates (only in his mind) in a brave hero called Sogeking when it's about fighting. I totally agree with their choice! Junsu become so serious when he goes on stage, but besides he's such a dork!

C- Yoochun thinks that Jaejoong is Franky

Franky was a carpenter, now he's a pirate who destroys everything on his way. He's actually a cyborg, and has superhuman powers. All his body is done with guns and weapons. Yoochun chose him for Jae coz Frankie has huuuge arms (bigger than his head). Still, he has nothing to do with our pretty little Jae.

D- Changmin thinks that Yoochun is Tony Tony Chooper
Chooper is a tiny reindeer and can metamorphose into a huge monster. He's the doctor of the crew. His best friend is Usopp (ah YooSu even in one piece anime) and he believes all his lies. Changmin chose him coz Yoochun looks like a cute teddy bear, just like Chooper.

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