Tuesday, March 3, 2009

[Photos+Trans]DBSK's Profile Pictures-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

"Dong Bang Shin Ki (feeling me)" and "God rising in the East!" In the sense that, as a group named name to be spread throughout the world from Asia. TVXQ members JEJUNG, CHANGMIN, JUNSU, YUNHO, YUCHUN of 5 people, debut in 2004 and two in South Korea on Monday, leaping 10 receive overwhelming support as the group's chorus. 10 the beauty of acappella choral work and to their power in the act of singing lead vocals for the whole group.

Not only the activities in Korea, in Japan J-POP as a rookie in their debut in 2005. They sing in Japanese, gradually gaining in popularity in 2007, the National Hall Tour Ticket scramble "TOHOSHINKI 2nd LIVE TOUR 2007 ~ FIVE IN THE BLACK ~" hold. The success of the very first time, as additional performance, Budokan 2days to add, it is also sold out immediately. Their high performance, has been widely, and that summer, Suzuki Masayuki Skoop On Somebody Gospellers cast their "SOUL POWER 2007 TOKYO / What I SUMMIT" and appeared in the popular. In the early 2008's first nationwide arena tour, "TOHOSHINKI 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~ T ~" venture. Of about 15 has been successful in large-scale live tours and attracted 10,000 people.

For 2007, collaboration with Koda Kumi song "LAST ANGEL feat. TVFXQ" and continue an active release, finally, in 2008. Released earlier this year SG "Purple Line", the first one ORICONSHINGURUCHATO winning. In the same year released Monday 4 SG "Beautiful you / love song from 1000", released June 7 SG "What I have fallen for you?", Released March 10, "spell-MIROTIC-" the Oricon chart in four consecutive No. 1 album won consecutive ORICONSHINGURUUIKURIRANKINGU as a foreign artist has continued to record. ORICONSHINGURUUIKURIRANKINGU the current year 2008 in a number of artists who all won the 1st place (2008 November 1, 2006), J-POP is a name that exists轟KASERU scene.

The overwhelming popularity not only Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and the name 轟 KASE in Asia and other regions of Malaysia, 2006 and 2007 reached the point of a successful tour in Asia that. TVXQ is based in Japan and Korea in the future, Asia will continue to work as an artist's world.

And based in South Korea, as a major artist's talent and popularity, is active all over the Asia.

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