Friday, March 13, 2009

[Photos+Trans] TOHOMOBILE Secret Code Promotion-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

Title: [Nagoya] We're Coming Coming!
We finished the schedule in Nagoya!
We're starting our nation-wide promotion today together!
And tomorrow~ We're heading to Osaka!

The final radio recrding in RKB in Fukuoka!

Title: [Fukuoka] Taking Magazine/Photo Shoot
(T/N: not sure about this...>_<)

Title: [Nagoya] To Junsu (?)
first, we're having the high-class Hitsumabushi!

News report recording is here!
when would it be broadcast to the fans...has yet to be decided yet.

Title: [Nagoya] Excitement/Nervous to the max!
(T/N: I'm still figuring it out. XD)

We're here! Though lack of sleep, the boys were full of energy!
(T/N: Am figuring out the 2nd part the manager was saying. LOL~)

Title: [Fukuoka] we're nervous!
the boys are preparing for tomorrow's schedule.
when this 3 people get together, there's a weird atmosphere(?)!
It's so nervous (^^)v

Title: [Fukuoka] Here we come!
The self proclaimed 3 people team heading to Fukuoka
So excited/nervous for it!!

Title: [Nagoya] Revived!
This year, it's Yunho and Jaejoong heading to Nagoya again!
here we are, heading towards Nagoya!

Changmin, Junsu and Yoochun are waiting (for the plane) to Osaka!
Osaka is tomorrow, do anticipate for it!
(T/N: this image was it was hard to read and translate...>__<)

Title: [Osaka]
Music Edge O-style is broadcasting on the 23rd March bringing lots of exciting performance to meet everyone again!
(T/N: blur...image again...>_<)

Title: [Osaka] Reunite!
the five people reunite in Osaka again!
Today's schedule in Osaka is still very exciting/nervous!

Title: [Osaka] Today...
Osaka's schedule has finally finished!
Tomorrow, we're going to have photoshoots(?) and bringing lots of joy to everyone!

Credits: BO raper 27 + Joomi@TPF/TVXQPERU+fin123@soompi
translation: mel@onetvxq