Friday, March 13, 2009

[Fan Account:] TVXQ on CSJH Concert-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki/The Gace/CSJH

CSJH’s Live Tour started on Osaka today.
After they sang 「ちょっと待った」, for encore
suddenly we heard THSK’s voices.

Yunho and Jaejoong had been in Osaka since yesterday
so i thought they won’t be coming because of the promotion
I’m really surprised!

The standing fans were pushing around
and i got confused but i really wanted to see.

THSK finally spoke and gave CSJH compliments
and saying to please support CSJH more in
the future and cheer THSK Fighting before leaving.

and another fan account says that
As soon as TVXQ appeared, everybody screamed.

“Oh no!” I think i have holes in my eardrum
because of the cheers. All the women moved to get
near the stage. Sunday was the most excited
the moment TVXQ appeared on stage.

credits: keiko +
shared by:tvxqlave@soompi