Friday, March 6, 2009

[Audio] MV Teaser of Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry"- Super Junior/SUJU/SJ

Here's some more Super Junior goodness! Our 13 lovelies are back together this year and are about to release their 3rd album "Sorry Sorry". All you Super Junior fans, or rather ELFs, must be gritting your teeth in anticipation for the release of this album, am I correct? Well here's a teaser MV of "Sorry Sorry", and apparently, they're trying to go for the sexy concept...>_>. It seems like alot of male kpop groups are going for that look (i.e. Dong Bang Shin Ki, Seungri, possibly more and now Super Junior!). Well, let's hope that it works for them! Here's the teaser, for all you fangirls!:

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Credits: seoulbeats + elaisfangirl@youtube