Sunday, January 4, 2009

[Photos+ Information] UCC SCHOOL ATTACK- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

TVXQ girls’ school attack, “Ha, ha, ha advice” School Attack UCC 6 released

[SPN News] Jaurim, Richard S. Yeoman, Yoon Jong Shin, and top Korean athlete Kim Yu-Na are involved in collecting Samsung’s Ha Ha Ha UCC campaign. TVXQ released the video of them in the school before the attack amongst netizens today.

On the December 23rd, 2008 by surprise TVXQ visited an all-girl class at one high school, performing Ha Ha Ha song for the Ha Ha Ha campaign with a funny choreography. TVXQ prepared the school attack for Republic of Korea’s Ha Ha Ha campaign to offer a surprise gift to the high school students.

There’s line here stated that the boys were quite bored in waiting for the shoots to be ready during that day for the surprise visit, but in the end, they were very pleased with the enthusiastic response.

One student who was one of the lucky girl in the class, “I can’t believe I can see TVXQ in front of my nose,” and “because of them, I’m now more excited to study and they live up my strength,” she said, looking so happy.

Hero, the member of TVXQ, “the shocking expression of the students were really funny and cute,” and “I’m happy that the students were pleased for our visit,” he said his comments on camera.

The video was spread on the internet through blogs and cyworld, and got a great responses from public. The fans respond, “why was not our school?” and “what is the standard of you for selecting the school?” expressing the regret and also jealousy for missing the opportunity to see TVXQ.

The director of the Ha Ha Ha campaign revealed the purpose of this Ha Ha Ha school-attack campaign, “It’s been more difficult to us to cheer for each other with smile,” and “as we’re tired to see this image, we want to give the students hope,” he said.

TVXQ’s’ Ha, ha, ha advice a surprise school-attack will be released at Ha Ha Ha official site (

v look at that very very greasy expression

source: SPN News
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