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[Trans] Bigeastation last ep 144

Thought i'd upload subs for the last ep of bigeastation for the time being..
I'm crying as im subbing this T-T

(T/N: This is not complete yet, but I'm working on the subs as I'm updating parts by parts. because im sort of working in a rush (to make this in ASAP, excuse any of my mistakes please > <)
Sorry for any typos or errors.
As i said, i sort of translated this in a rush.

A continuation to~

JJ: THSK Bigeastation, today is the last ep, hosted by all members together, we wil l continue with the unit “Please Tell me”. Who is next?
YC: Me
JJ: Ok. YC, please.
YC: Nickname is Toho Lover
JJ: Toho Lover
YC: 18 years old, female.
JS: You don’t have to announce that.
JJ: hahaha
YC: “THSK hi, doing bigeastation till now, thank you very much for the hard work.
JJ: Yes.
YC: “Being able to discover an unexpected side of you guys, I’m really happy. One last thing that I want to confirm. Among the members, CM and YC, who actually aged?”
YC: “Please tell me.”
JJ: Hahaha
JS: This..hard question.
YC: Haha
JJ: Hmmhmm, CM and YC right?
JS: Ah
JJ: Ah
YC: Recently, instead of us two…JJ actually…
JJ: Eh?
YC: Aged
JS: Really aged, there are wrinkles~ hahahaha
YC: hahahaha. Even white hair~
JS: Wrinkly JJ
JJ: Nonono, I still have a young face~ young face!
JS: Young face?
JJ: Yes yes yes.
YC: Ah, after make-up, yes young face.
JJ: Ahahaha
JS: Plain face..(without make up)..would be…”uh..”
JJ: This question can just leave it like this…can we quickly introduce the next mail?

YH: Ok, nickname Rena’s mail.
JJ: Rena
YH: Yes. “Hi, the show is ending.. I looked forward to each week’s ep. Even though this is really asid, but from the very beginning to now, I’m really grateful. The last thing is that I’ve always had a question, please tell me. About the mails that are being read in the show, instead of the mail’s content, I feel like you guys choose more based on the nicknames~”
JJ: Yes yes
YH: “Or is it just me?" (T/N: an illusion)
JS: Yes, it’s just you.
YH: “Esp JJ and JS, they’re more obvious~”
YC: hohoho
YH: Ok
JS: Eh?
YH: That was the mail
JJ: yesyes..ahh
YH: This is absolutely true.
JS: No, it’s not like that
JJ: Haha
YH: Except for me, all the other four have at least done it once.
JS: Ah..I agree. YH don’t really care about nicknames..
YH: Yes
JS: But the mail only addresses two people.
JJ: Right
JS: YC too
JJ: Yes, that is true.
YC: No I don’t
JJ: Haha
JS: Ah, YC is not the same, he doesn’t look at the nicknames, he looks at the ages.
YC: Hahaha
JS: Yesyesyes.
YH: Yes
YC: Hahaha
YS: After looking at the ages, don’t YC always pick the younger ones?
YC: No, JS also picks the younger ones.
JS: It’s all coincidence
JJ: Coincidence?!
JJ+YC+YH: hahahaha
JJ: Ok hahahaha
YH: More or less a bit, we’re all humans, don’t be bothered too much about it.
YC+JS: Right
YH: So please be a little considerate (It’s leadershii ne~ He’s always the person who rounds up everything ^ ^)
JJ: Ok. JS please introduce the next mail.
JS: Ok. Razio name、re、razio name isKyoko、Kyoko
JJ: Pronunciation~
YC: Pronounce a little clearer, not rezio
JJ: haha
JS: Ah, Redio
YC: Redio?
JS: Nickname is Kyoko, 22 years old
YC: Ok
JJ: hahaha
JS: The same age as me. “THSK Hi, I heard that bigeastation is ending”
JJ: Yes
JS: “This is really sad. Thank you for taking time in your busy schedule to do the show, it gave me lots of happy times”
YC: Thank you.
JS: “I have a request. In the beginning Bigeastation did, toho, to” ah
YC: T.o.h.o
JS: “t.o.h.o., t.o.h.o., t…” why, isn’t it toho? “t.o.h.o, t.o.h.o, t.o.h.o, toho’s spelling, can you guys sing it once more?” Ah, just sang it. “Please”
JJ: No..this…
JS: “Please continue to work hard”
JJ: This hasn’t been sung for so long~
JS: Yes
JJ: Now that I listen to it again, it is really lame.
YC: Mhm.
JJ: JS, how long ago was this?
JS: Wasn’t there many versions of it?
JJ: Around one year~ It was sung one year ago.
JS: Like the sexy version
JJ: Hahaha
JS: And the charisma version, many versions
JJ: Ah that.
JS: The least expected parts became popular.
JJ: Yesyes.
JS: Many people liked it.
JJ: Since this is the last ep…
JS: yes
JJ: Can JS please sing the sexy or the cute version?
JS: Ah…that..
JJ: haha, please? Many listeners..
JS: Don’t ask me~
YC: Really want to hear it~
JJ: Waiting~
JS: toho’s spelling…
JJ: hahahaha
JS: Sorry, please continue.
JJ: Listeners who are having their meals…
YC: hahaha
JJ: Sorry about that
JS: Why did you ask me.
JJ: hahaha
CM: Let me introduce the next letter.
JJ: Ok
CM: Nickname Tomoko. “THSK hi. The show is ending…even though this is really sad, please continue to work hard in the future, I will sure to support you guys. I’ve already liked Tohopysch’s unit. It makes me smile every time. Previously you guys would say "あばきだされるかも。あばきだせないようにしましょうね”(Might be exposed, should be careful not to be exposed~) YC would have the most difficulty saying it. In fact, who says this phrase the smoothest? Please try it everyone”
JS: this…in fact..
YH: Is really difficult to say
CM: really difficult.
YH: really difficult.
YC: I suck the most.
JS: "あばきだされるかも。あばきだせないようにしましょうね”
JJ: But CM is the best at pronunciation from the very beginning
JS: that is true
JJ: Speechless, speechless.
JS: I agree
JJ: CM please say this once more.
CM: No, it’s not that hard to say it. "あばきだされるかも。あばきだせないように”.
YH: あぶあぶき?
JJ: hahahaha
CM: is "あばき". It’s really hard
JJ: Yes. Until now it is still hard.
YH: Yes
JJ: Yes, we learned a lot in pronunciation.
JS: Yes.
YC: あばきだらん....
JJ: hahahaha
JS: oh, sounds like English.
YC: hahahaha
YH: What is this?
JS: sorry.
JJ: Ok, JJ’s turn. Nickname Moittyo. Moittyo’s mail. “Hi, 2 years and 9 months’ time, thanks for the hard work. I listened to every episode from the very first week. Being able to know a lot more about THSK’s aspects, it is a really good show. Lastly please teach me a Korean phrase, "大丈夫!また会えるよ (It’s okay, we will see again)”. How do you say it in Korean? Everyone thanks for the hard work”
JS: Thank you.
JJ: That was the mail.
JS: yes
JJ: Ah, this phrase "大丈夫!また会えるよ”. Sounds lonely. In Korean, please YC give it a try.
JS: Since JJ read the mail, JJ should say it.
YC: Right
JJ: How should I say it. Even though it is THSK’s song, YC should be responsible for the narration.
YC: Please.
JJ: hohoho, me?
JS: yes.
JJ: Can I say it? "大丈夫!また会えるよ”’s Korean. "大丈夫” is "괜찮아", “また"is"또”, "会えるよ"is"만날 수 있어", right?
YC: "볼꺼야"
JS: It should be "만날 수 있습니다"
JJ: "만날 수 있습꺼",ah, "만날 수 있어", "만날 수 있어" is better
JS: yes
JJ: Better
JS: Better
JJ: "大丈夫!また会えるよ"is"괜찮아! 또 볼 수 있어야","또 볼꺼야"
YC: It’s a little different.
JS: Different from what you just said.
JJ: No, just now I….
JS: You need to say the original one.
JJ: I’m Korean, but I still feel Korean is hard. Let’ s say "또 볼꺼야"
JS: Okay
JJ: "괜찮아! 또 볼꺼야". Ok, please remember.
YC: Yes
JJ: Yes. Ok, it’s about time. How did everyone find the last “Please tell me”? This unit has received many mails from everyone, thank you once again, really thank you.
YC+JS: Thank you.
CM: Because of everyone, the show is broadcasted up till now, really thank you everyone
JS: Also, thank you many who wrote to Junko
JJ: hahahaha. Ok the last “please tell me” ends here.
YH: Ah.
JJ: Let’s say it once again. Together~
ALL: Just now it was “Please tell me”
JS: Yes
JJ: Tohoshinki Bigeastation. Let’s listen to the last song. THSK’s Stand by U.

JJ: Tohoshinki Bigeastation. There is only a little bit of time remaining, any last words that you guys want to share with the listeners?
JS: Really sad…I really hope we can meet everyone in a good show again, and show THSK’s various aspects.
JJ: what about YH?
YH: Yes, we’ve already been doing this for almost 3 years
JJ: Yes
YH: Even though bigeastation ends here
JJ: Yes
YH: Bigeastation will still live in everyone’s hearts
JS: Yes
YH: We will work even harder from now on. Please support
JJ: Please support. What about CM?
JS: Please support.
YH: Around 3 years’ time, thanks to everyone, we continue till today. Really thank you, thank you everyone.
JJ+JS: Thank you.
JJ: What about YC?
YC: Bigeastation is the station of where?
JJ: Eh? Eh?
JS: Our hearts.
YC: Ah, that was my question.
JS: Bigeast’s…
YC: I’m sure everyone knows..
JJ: yesyesyesyes
JS: Fans’….
YC: Bigeastation is the heart’s station~
JJ: Ah
JS: Yes
YC: Really thank you everyone
JJ: Yes, Bigeastation..thanks to everyone, we were able to do it for around 3 years. THSK learned a lot.
JS: Yes.
JJ: Right. I really feel fortunate. Thank you everyone
JS: Thank you
JJ: Finally it’s time to say goodbye. From the very beginning to now, really really thank you everyone.
JS: Thank you
JJ: Let’s meet at our next chance. Just now it was JJ,
CM: and CM.
ALL: Bye.

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