Saturday, December 26, 2009

[admin post?] 6th Anniversary!

Sryy for being on hiatus for soo longgg x_X
Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tohoshinki/TVXQ's 6th Anniversary today~
Dec 26th, 03~~~

I don't know if this is appropriate to post this here or not,
but here are some of my words that i want to share to everyone, because we are all fans from the deepest of our hearts, right?


6 years already~~
Ive always wished i knew them longer, knew them since debut, so i couldve start supporting them earlier.
i realized that since the moment i fell in love with them 5, i never once spent a day without having them cross my mind.
that's what they can do to us.
they instill faith in us, and now in such a difficult time,
it's our turn to show our gratitude and show them that they didnt spent the past 6 years with us in vain.

Let us stand together, as one, forever,
and witness and continue to create this legend,
on their first stage back with their 5 sincere smiles as one,
we fans, cassiopeia, bigeast, international,
will also stand as one, with our red balloons in hand,
waving and screaming and returning their smiles with our smiles,
knowing that we will be able to continue with smiles whatever hardship comes because we have each other,
and will last forever and ever.

and we know that this day will come, soon.
because our leadershii said
"We will never disband.
If we do, you can beat us to death."

Always keep the faith~!


Really don't know if i should be posting this.
But other authors you can please also add to this post~ and just add your words.
We are all sharing dbsk's love and pain together ~~
And all readers please comment~

Greenne, who luvs the boys and u all the most.

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