Monday, January 19, 2009

[UFO Replies]Yunho and Jaejoong Ufo Replies-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

Fan : Why don’t Oppa and I have a heated night together yeh?
Jae : Oppa already got plans with Yunho

Fan : Yesterday I saw Yunho’s younger sister, she’s so pretty!! BiangBiangBiang
Yunho : That’s because younger sister looks like me, that’s why she’s pretty ^^. You live in Gwang Ju?
Jae : -I really don’t understand what they’re doing but they’re doing- BiangBiangBiang
Fan : BiangBiangBiang! Don’t imitate me!! I live in XXXX Gwang Ju.
Jae : BiangBiangBiang! Hehe, make me stop, don’t seduce wuli (our) Yunho in Gwang Ju.

Fan: Jaejoong Oppa, do something about Yunho oppa! No matter how many times I texted Yunho oppa there’s no response. my friend said she got his reply, why is it like this!
Jae : I’m really sorry, I can’t control my man. You’re better off caring about me ^^

Fan: Jaejoong Oppa, you’re so mean! You only act cute with Yunho oppa, do it to me too!
Jae: Oh Wuli (our) beautiful (fan) is jealous? Here, I’ll act cute in front of you too
Yunho : Don’t snatch wuli (our) Jae!!!
Yoochun : How about Me? Me? Me? You don’t want to ask me to be cute too?

Fan: Jaejoong-ah! Yunho is mine, gimme!
Jae: Yunho is a bit expensive ah.

Fan: Yunho is mine~
Yunho : I’m yours~ I’m going to get scolded by Jaejoong ah.

Fan: I don’t care, even in my dreams I want to be hit by Yunho oppa, at least once !
Jae: hmph! Why? It really hurts! Bear with it! haha, I got experience~

Translated by: chameron_xx @LJ