Sunday, January 4, 2009

[Review] Heaven's Postman

Heaven’s Postman’s Review

So the story is about a legend of a red mailbox that can send a letter for one’s love and lots of people who can’t forget their important person sent a letter full of love. Saki (Han Hyo Joo), is one of them. She sent a letter full of hatred to her death lover trough the mailbox and thats where she met Yuu (Jaejoong). But the truth is, only Saki can see Yuu,because Yuu is a soul that can’t be seen. Yuu was in a coma since one accident that happened to him and God give him two weeks of extra life time as the heaven’s postman, where he connected between the real world and the dead, between heaven and Earth.
So, in order to bring hope to the people who had lost their beloved person, Saki became Yuu’s assistant. And started forgetting the pain of missing her beloved person, Saki also begin to like Yuu. What will the God’s decision be? Will Yuu survive or dead? And where will the two lovers meet?

Yuu (Hero Jaejoong)

Yuu became rich because of the success of his clothing bussiness, so he has his own favorite way of enjoying life. But after involved in an accident, he became lifeless. While his body remained in the intensive care unit, his soul is out there working as the heaven’s postman and meeting Saki.

Rough summary by : hilary922003 + Rei+sharingyoochun@wordpress