Sunday, January 18, 2009

[News] Super Junior Kangin Starring in a New Drama-Super Junior/SUJU

Kangin of Super Junior is scheduled to star in a new drama titled "하자 전담반 제로 (translated as Ha Ja Squad Zero)." The show will air at 11 am every Saturday on MBC's cable channel "MBC Dramanet". The first episode will air February 14th.

Kangin will play the role of a new employee at a marriage consultant agency. His demeanor is supposed to be like a childlike innocent boy, who loves reading comics / mangas.

Many people are wondering how Kangin can balance out starring in a drama with his currently full schedule. He's currently filming for "We Got Married" and also has his own radio show. He's also supposed to be working on Super Junior's 3rd album. I don't think it's that difficult, shooting for "We Got Married" is on and off (few hours here and there). His radio show is regularly scheduled but doesn't take too many hours. As for Super Junior's 3rd album, there's 13 members and they don't really need him in the studio much.