Monday, January 5, 2009

[Fan Account] Changmin at Super Junior Super Show Encore Concert- DBSJ/ Dong Bang Junior

Changmin @ suju concert!! Fanaccount: Changmin and Hongki were in the audience.. Changmin was having such an awesome time..he clapped through most of the songs, danced to YMCA and was dying of laughter watching the interlude videos like the Sexy Back practise one.keke Kangin was like “Changmin, since you’re here, you must be E.L.F right??” So Hyukkie took off the sapphire blue E.L.F jacket he was wearing and Changmin wore it <3 They celebrated Min's Bday.. it was so cute cos his was probably the second loudest voice (after Kibum’s low baritone and then everyone was like Sungminnie and he was all, “Me? For me?” keke.. he got caked pretty good and was chasing after the others. credit: sapphirepearls