Monday, October 6, 2008

[Translations] TVXQ Staff Diary 10.06.08- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

Hello , this is T.

I'll go through very quickly because it's time to go.
Of course you feel like going too, maybe?

It's already October 6 all of a sudden, according to the calendar
It's Monday morning once again.

With Dong Bang Shin Ki's lead
Let's all go for a happy week!

Asia Song Festival happened this Saturday, October 4, you know?
Dong Bang Shin Ki's stage,
and the seats where you made your very beautiful phrase...
The moment you did this, i took a picture of it
Thank you once again for you passion and cheers for the team (t/n: for TVXQ)

This is inside the waiting room for leader Yunho
I can hear you even from the stage
It's thoughtful of's like... (t/n: i'm not sure what this part meant XD)
I saw a little bit of a change.

And on Thursday
the MNET M! Countdown stage comeback, did you know?

Love In The Ice passionately being sung our men
Dong Bang Shin Ki...
(t/n okay i made the "our men, dong bang shin ki" part up..i fail, thank you XD)

Hey! Don't Bring Me Down was the next stage
and it ended with me still in one piece (t/n: coz the performance was a "killer" XD )

Before we went on air
there was a video of TVXQ's interview ~

After the end of the broadcasting,
There was time for a fanmeeting with you
All the members of TVXQ had time to talk...
I was very happy to be there ~
How about you?

The weather at deep-night (t/n: late at night) was so different,
Especially with the cold that would not stop (t/n: unyielding, brave cold)
Better yet, don't go around with a cold
It's not that easy as you think, going around back and forth
Every time i want the cold to leave
I'm just going to try harder day by day
Please watch out for your health, please go away cold!

And now...

Everybody [Spell-MIROTIC] please know (t/n: if i translate it loosely it'll say "do you know?" XD)
Tell the people around you to take your spell, please!!! (t/n: LOL a gag)

credits: TVXQ Official Site