Wednesday, October 1, 2008

[Translations] Jaejoong's sister updated her CYWorld (Jae's mother is sick) - DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshink

Jaejoong's sister updated her CYWorld
Everyonw is getting sick!
i hope jae's mother is fine now.
Let us all pray for her speedy recovery and for the dbsk boys also.

八姐洙英中文CY 9月30日
살앙하는 울 엄마..

쭝이의 인기가요....컴백무대가 끝나고........
엄마가 무척 아푸셨다..

난 6째 언니의 저나를 받고...엄청 울었다...
난 바로 쭝이한테 저나를 하고....

글애도..지금은..마니 괜차나 지셔서..다행이다..
엄만...입원을 하시고...
나랑 4째 언니는..번갈아 가면서...간호를 해드리고..
언니들도..다들 문병을 오고..
역시 세상엔...가족이...최고라는걸ㅇ..느겼다..ㅋㅋ

엄마..아프지 마세요..
엄마 생신도 다가오시는데..



rough translation: lolly88@soompi

JaeJoong 8th Sister CY update
their mum is sick
after sbs inkigayo ,their mum hasnt been feeling good
his sister received a call from another sister and cried for a long time
she called jaejoong too , and he also cried

but luckily their mum is feeling better now
and is hospitalised now ,the sister lastly asking the mum not to fall sick
since mom's birthday is approaching

credits: TVXQ Baidu Bar + lolly88@soompi + eunhye@mirotic

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jj.madness said...

is this JJ's bio mom or the foster one. aww poor thing, he is soo emotional, i know he is always cherrfula nd happy but i coudl tell that he is also a very emotional child..hope his mom and our boys get better too!

p.s: hwo sick was she? was it like a cold? or like a serious sickness?