Wednesday, October 1, 2008

[Translations] DBSK in Kim Jeong Eun Chocolate- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

[Translation] DBSK in Kim Jung Eun Chocolate

One year and 7 months later, Dong Bang Shin Ki release their 4th album, one of the hit songs, Mirotic. On September 27, they participated in SBS's Kim Jung Eun Chocolate show, dancing to their choreography on stage full of energy. 800 fans were seen cheering the boys -a gorgeous display of red.

In the show, MC Kim Jung Eun recalled about their TV drama "Lovers in Paris", talking about Dong Bang Shin Ki, and in particular the couple's marriage.

DBSK members said that "in the city of Tokyo's Harajuku, we saw Kim Jung Eun." Even Lee Seo Kin (who appears to be panic), said: "I cannot remember" and the boys were met by stromg curiosty of their deny.

Members of the gate (t/n : what?) were a little hesitant about the issue, said: "We are seeing Kim Jung Eun and wife (Lee Seo Jin) together, but we remained silent." Kim Jeong-eun was so flustered.

Finally, Kim Jung-en said, "Khan keep "(t/n: no idea what he means) when the script was altered causing the audience to have fits of laughter.

On same day, the child from the video of the 7-year-old visually-impaired genius pianist, Ye Eun performs with their special guest, DBSK on stage. Apart from that, the idol group also perform two of their latest released hit from their 4th Korean Album: Mirotic and Love in the Ice, Balloon, I Believe, Hug, and so on, winning the escatic audience heart, who broke into applause and cheers.

A repeat of SBS "Kim Jung Eun Chocolate - with Dong Bang Shin Ki special guest" will be held at 0:25 (Korean time) on October 1, 2008.

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Source : U-Know Baidu
Translated by : lollyribena