Thursday, October 2, 2008

[Translations] 081002 TVXQ Staff Diary- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

Hello, this is T

By now, everyone must have seen the broadcast of SBS Kim Jeongeun's Chocolate and
i came here to relax a little bit right?

I'm like you, who saw the broadcast from start to finish...
You who went to the plaza in Seoul for Dong Bang Shin Ki's showcase, a fall mini-concert performance
I could recall the day's memories. ^ _ ^

Now i'll tell the Behind Story of SBS Kim Jeongeun's Chocolate

This is Dong Bang Shin Ki's waiting room in front of you

This is a guide to the waiting room, there's a sign posted on the wall (t/n: door) like this.

And inside the door, the order of the recording is also attached to the wall...

Now time has passed and the recording is in progress
With Dong Bang Shin Ki and the little pianist Yeeun

And also introduce Super Junior Happy!!

I took a picture for our memories. Warm SMTOWN Family ~ ^ _ ^

From the left, front row

Junsu - Yoochun - Jaejoong - Changmin - Yunho - Sungmin

From the left, (t/n: back row)

Eunhyeok- Leeteuk - Kangin - Yesung

After all the photos were taken
Another member emerged, It's Shindong!

Let's take another picture before recording starts again

Shindong get's a solo picture

There's a good atmosphere here as the recording continued it's progress
...They are saying the last lines...

Dong Bang Shin Ki with MC Ms. Kim Jeongeun
We have one picture ^ _ ^

Here is the Behind Story in the recording of SBS Kim Jeongeun's Chocolate
Let's hope we'll see this once again (t/n: not sure of this part)

Dong Bang Shin Ki's songs, i hope you feel happy watching them

And yesterday, was

[MBC-R Chinhan Chingu] and [MBC-R Stars Shine at Night] (t/n: byeori bitnaneun bame)
Please listen to them even for a couple of minutes

Now, it's a bright afternoon

Dong Bang Shin Ki will be on MNET M! Countdown live today
Pre-recording is in progress

Participate in the official bulletin board and check all the stuff right?

Please cheer for TVXQ on stage a lot!

Although we're not on the scene together

It will be broadcates on TV so i'm still going to watch it ^ _ ^

Watch out for the cold
I have a cold and i keep my mind far away and i'm busy
thank you all right>

Dong Bang Shin Ki - MIROTIC- please buy!
I hope those who bought it are having a good time!
Fall the people around you into a spell... (t/n: LOL)
Spread the word, please! ^ _ ^

credits: TVXQ Official Site + (translation)