Saturday, October 4, 2008

[Information] Micky Yoochun fainted?- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

Yoochun fainted?

Pls dont freak out about this ok? He is so sick today. Actually he was not in good condition since Mcountdown yesterday but he managed to pull off performance so well. After that they got mini fanmeeting and yoochun wore very thick jacket(like in winter) because of his flu and he said nothing at all. Cassie who waited for him outside his goong said that when he was about to get in his house he collasped then manager had to take him into his house. I was so heartbreaking to read that. Today he appeared to be more sick. At rehearsal he even needed help to walk but when he was on stage he gave his best and that made me sooo impressed. I at first dont want to spread this news because i think it would make evryone worry but i think us fans should know about this and lets pray for him for better health and same for other boys


DBSJ ROX! said...

LSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LET THE BOYS REST!!! my jaejoong's voice had already cracked and now my micky fainted!!! RAWR!

anyway, working hard is important, but staying healthy is the MOST important... take a break, then start everything fresh again! so take care and rest well, darlings!!
youngwoon jaejoong hwaiting! micky yooghun hwaiting! u-know yunho hwaiting! xiah junsu hwaiting! choikang changmin hwaiting! TVXQ HWAITING!!!! saranghaeyo oppas!

PS:: thanks for sharing!! how sweet of u to be so carring, dowan us to worry.. hehe thank you once again!

Kazumi said...

Hope the boys well get well soon :(