Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[OPINION] Tell us what you think

Ever since the dispute between SM Entertainment and the 3 members of TVXQ began,
people have been stating their different point of views regarding this situation.

Here on Sweetfig, We want to know what you think about:
1. The sudden change of face of SM Entertainment (the contract issues)
2. The stand of JaeChunSu and HoMin

Is it that hard not to keep the faith anymore? We should think positive no matter what the outcome will be.

Always keep the Faith!



Verônica said...

Hi ^^~
well... I don't know as I read I'm really not sure if SM new contract will be as good as they promisse.
we just can hope so right?

I tought JaeChunSu were right to sue SM then I read HoMin declaration and was uncertain about it.
The point is why it starts. Of course they are being almost slaves of SM , you see not receiving anything from sales untill 2008!They are the greatest band from asia! But maybe the point is they started it for the cosmetics problem not the slave thing.

Doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong I just hope this end soon...and of course with a happy ending.

Pei Fei Faye said...

This is gonna be a long on but here it is. My opinion on SM changing their contract is that they decided to do the right thing. However, decision must follow up by an action. We'll have to see if they really keep their promise. But it's good to know that they learn from their past and repeated mistakes.

I think JaeChunSu is doing the right thing in suing the company. I dunno why they started it. I'm almost certain that it has something to do with the cosmetic company. But I think that the cosmetic problem is just the catalyst. The real problem lays way before that, most probably when they were shipped to Japan without their consent, but they were young and green so they did what the company told them to do. It can also just resurface; maybe the company was gonna ship them to US and they were gonna be forced to.

The fact that Homin aren't suing also doesn't surprise me. They weren't involved in the cosmetic problems, they didn't face the same problems JaeChunSu had with SM, they didn't get to experience the catalyst. That's why they decided not to be involved. But, regardless what initiated the lawsuit, one cannot ignore that the fundamental problem is the contract IS a slave-contract, it's inhumane. We, as fans, personally observed their suicidal schedules and noticed their extreme fatigue right in front of our eyes (via TV shows).

If any of us, the fans, blames JaeChunSu for creating this massive problem, then shame on you. What they did is beyond commendable. They are willing to risk their names, future and everything they have worked so hard for for what is right, and for the benefits of other cowards who just crouched in the corner waiting for someone to save them. I'm not implying this to Homin; they have their reasons not to join and I respect that. I even strongly believe that the real reason behind this lawsuit is for the benefit of those two. And other will benefit from this too, even the critics and experts of Kpop and Korean entertainment industry said so.

The result of this lawsuit may possibly come out against what we want. But whatever it is, I support each of them, even more when they are 5. They'll together stand on the stage as 1. And until that day comes, always keep the faith.

s said...

SM was the one whoes was unfair in the first place, JaeChunSu have the rights to sue them.
I prefer JYP to SM.

MrCKDexter said...

The most disturbing part of this whole affair is the whole "JaeChunSu vs. HoMin" thing. Since I'm only a fan (and on the other side of the world, at that), it's impossible to know what's really going on in the relationships. I pray that everything will be okay.
And welcome back from being on hiatus! It's good to have you back :)
*delayed response* lol

アンコリ said...

7 months into the lawsuit.. and I'm feeling pretty.. hopeless.
Hopeless that they can be together.
I mean we can wait of course! But it's hard when it's very uncertain, what are we waiting for?
I personally want the trio to win the lawsuit, but it's scary to think of what will happen when they do win? Will it be for the 5 of them? I really hope so.
We only want them to be together.

What are the things happening now?

-Everyone's busy finishing the schedule in Japan. There seems to be a semblance of peace and
Tohoshinki has been achieving a lot, record after record for that name.

-This January 23rd specifically, we noticed how happy Jaejoong and Yoochun is. And adding the lawyer's statement coming from JJ that there seems to be good news soon too.

-SME side has been pretty quiet, except if I consider Yunho's dad as one of that side, he's been busy reaching out to everyone in many many ways, for Yunho's reputation of course.

-Separation. This has been pretty normal to me that I have no thoughts about it, just that, separation.

I don't know what to think anymore, I can't speak for everyone.. I still am against SME's way of milking their artists for money, no matter how good they are with their promotions and that wise decision to send the boys to debut in Japan.
I'm not against Yunho and Changmin, and I STILL wait for the time they can tell why they chose what they chose. These two can't really say anything.

7 months into the lawsuit, I still feel the same I did the first time. Scared, but I'm hoping to the end.