Monday, December 22, 2008

[UFO Replies] 081220 Yunho&Changmin UFO Replies-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

Fan: If you don't reply, we'll meet at the Han River on December 25th! I know you'll go on a date with me. Keke!
Changmin: I definitely don't want! Hahaha

Fan: Oppa, today is my birthday~~~~~
Changmin: Happy Birthday!

Fan: What did this person eat to grow such good looks?
Changmin: Ah~ Yeah...It's not like this~
(Fan probably sent a picture of Changmin)

Fan: It's oppa right? Keke, you must stand in a stable position!
Changmin: Hahahhaha ^^
(Fan sent a picture of Changmin and Chun in the Singles magazine standing sideways)

Fan: Oppa, today is my parents' marriage anniversary! I didn't give them anything...T_T No~
Changmin: Tell your parents thank you for giving birth to you, and then wash the dishes and clean up~

Fan: This will taste good for sure oppa! Buy this for me to eat! T___T Come on Baby~
Changmin: ;;; I'll buy it for you to eat ^^;;
(The fan sent a picture of Changmin, LOL O_O She wants to eat him?)

Fan: T__T Wen I sleep with a snuffy nose I snore! T___T It's always so stuffy.
Changmin: If it's like careful when you sleep~

Fan: Let's make handsome Chang laugh~
Changmin: Using what?

Fan: You want to eat pizza right? You want to eat it?
Changmin: It's tasty for sure~
(Fan sent a picture of pizza)

Fan: Oppa I really do hurt~
Changmin: If it's like this, eat some medicine and hurry and go to bed~

Fan: I can do it! Although oppa has it really hard, you guys can still show us your hardworking and smiling side. ♥ I have it really hard to, but I will work hard to show you my smiling side! Youngwoong Jaejoong fighting! Choikang Changmin Fighting! Uknow Yunho fighting! Micky Yoochun fighting! ... TVXQ fighting! .... and Xiah Junsu fighting ^^
Changmin: Fighting! ^^

Fan: Changmin Goon whose looking better and better lately...perfect movie face...amazing~ You're really good keke~
Changmin: ^^ Thank you ^^

Fan: When frustrated, eat jjajjangmyun. When worrying, eat noodle soup. When healing, eat fried rice. What does oppa want to eat?
Changmin: Sleep.

Fan: Because oppa is mine. Nothing can change this. Tetetejjimbom.
Changmin: ;;;

Fan: If oppa cries, I'll cry too, do you know? T___T Thank you oppa for working so hard. ♥ Love you forever ^^
Changmin: ^^

Fan: I prepared this for oppa! I made these muffins at school and wrote TVXQ! on top of it with walnuts! ♥
Changmin: Muffins! Ahwa~

Fan: 12-26 ♥ Exciting date! I want to have a date with this man~ I must succeed! Fighting! Eukyangkyang
Changmin: ^^

Fan: I live for oppas~~!
Changmin: Living only for us... Can't do that ;;

Fan: Don't you want to see the sea? On really cold days the vast ocean is especially pretty... ^^
Changmin: It's really pretty right ^^

Fan: You are my life.
Changmin: ^^ Hahaha

Fan: I just ate pork! Are you jealous? Keke~
Changmin: No~ Not jealous! Haha

Fan: I strongly recommend this movie! (She talks about a movie here) Oppa will like it a lot if he watches it!
Changmin: It must be really interesting ^^
Fan: GO
Changmin: ;;;

Fan: ^^....
Changmin: ^^

Fan: That man will become my man. Haha
Changmin: That won't happen as you wish...T_T
(Fan had a picture of Changmin)

Fan: ^^ Do this again...
Changmin: I did it! Ha~
(Fan had a picture of Min smiling and doing a thumbs up sign)

Fan: Oppa, you don't want to reply me?
Changmin: Yes.

Fan: This person's name is Shim Changmin~ Look at me and love me ♥. So I have something to say too~ Oppa I love you~~~~ ♥
Changmin: ^^ Keke~

Fan: Hey boy! ^^ What are you doing?
Changmin: Not much~ ^^

Fan: Oppa hello!
Changmin: Hello~

Fan: Are U man?
Changmin: ^^ Yes, is there a problem...?

Fan: I started dreaming at 10, dreamed that I was going into oppa's dorms! So I took off my shoes immediately wand wanted to go in. Then my brother came home and I woke because of the noisy doorbell! Aiyayaya! I wanted to go in....If I sleep again, will I continue that dream?
Changmin: Impossible

Fan: You who doesn't reply!
Changmin: Me??

(The following one is from 11-27)
Fan: Changmin oppa, I bought this just for you. Please enjoy it!
Changmin: Hahhaahhaaha
Fan: Changmin oppa, let's get married. I'll buy the ring~ ^^*
Changmin: I'll buy it for you.
Fan: Changmin oppa ah, did you eat the pork I bought you? I took this picture especially for oppa~ It's pretty right? ♥
Changmin: I'll buy it for you.
Fan: Changmin oppa, are you buying me pork or a ring? ^^
Changmin: Both.

Fan: Oppa! Blood doesn't lie! Oppa looks like Ji Hyun unnie a lot! It's so wonderous~
Yunho: Kekeke, that's when I cut my hair in the community~ Ke~

Fan: Whose hands are these? The owner, please raise your hand!!! Please hold my hand warmly ♥ I have a cold~ Ah my hands and feet are freezing T___T
Yunho: This mind~ kekeke ^^

Fan: don' T___T I really like the person named Jung Yunho~
Yunho:! ^___^ Kekeke~ Do you hear?

Fan: I don't have hope with these things. It's okay right? To me...there's still oppa T____T
Yunho: Kekeke, you still have hope!

Fan: Yunho, isn't this too sexy?
Yunho: I got a lot skinnier lately T____T
(Fan sent a picture of SMTOWN concert where Yunho was half-naked)
~ Oh Yunho bb, Jaejoong-ah will fatten you up~

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Source: Oh Micky + Mr. TVXQ