Friday, November 14, 2008

[UFO Replies]081113 Yunho's UFO Replies-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

Fan: Today I watched "Antique," and it was really sweet! Oppas have to watch!
Yunho: I....want to watch too!!

Fan: Oppa wait for me for ten more years!
Yunho: Keke I'll wait for you~!!

Fan: I'm eating pineapple right now, it's really sweet! Keke~
Yunho: I want to eat pineapple too!!
Fan: If you act cute I'll give you a box of pineapples~~~~!
Yunho: What kind of cute?

Fan: Why is oppa so shy? Eukyangkyang oppa must do a tuxedo commercial...It's so suitable~ <3 Yunho: Kekeke tuxedo~!! Keke

Fan: (sends a picture of Yoochun's butt LOL) ...<3
Yunho: Oh~! Yoochun's butt.

Fan: What if you have to do a beer commercial?
Yunho: What happens? Must look handsome in it? (This reply is random LOL they don't know who replied~)
Fan: I drew this for Yoochun oppa kekekekekekeke~
TVXQ: 시아 ㄷㅈㅇ니 ㅏ 믹 ㅓ ㅣ 키

Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums ( Credits: OhMicky + Mr. TVXQ+jae!fany@soompi re-up:sweetfig