Monday, November 9, 2009

[TRANS] 091108 Yunho Wiped Ara’s Tears Away at the "Heading to the Ground" Farewell Party

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Jung Yunho, Go Ara, Lee Sangyoon, Lee Yoonji and all staff members of MBC's drama "Heading to the Ground" kept fighting until the end of the drama, and held a farewell party. "Heading to the Ground" has been tagged as a good sports-related drama series which is also fresh and warm. On the afternoon of the 5th of November, all crew members and actors held a farewell party and everyone said, “We did not worry much about the ratings; instead, we were happy during the whole filming period.” They watched the last episode together, with bittersweet feelings.

Jung Yunho (Cha Bonggun), Go Ara (Kang Haebin), Lee Sangyoon (Jang Seungwoo) and Lee Yoonji (Oh Yeonyi) took a photo with everyone, and at the same time, expressed their gratitude.

Yunho laughed and said, “That would probably be the most autographs I have signed, after my last screenshot.” While signing, he also gave everyone a CD as a gift of gratitude, which resulted in him being labeled as ‘The Gentleman Yunho.’

At the same time, Go Ara went around, showing her gratitude by giving everyone, who had treated her as family throughout the filming period, a hug and she cried uncontrollably because she could not bear to part with them. Yunho wiped Ara’s tears away and promised, “Each one of us will meet again in a better drama.”

Like the Cha Bonggun who went through all obstacles in life, the whole crew of "Heading to the Ground" did their very best from the start until the very last second, creating a warm and happy atmosphere.