Tuesday, July 7, 2009

[TRANS] 090706 Tohoshinki, "We feel blessed as our dream concert at the Tokyo Dome has ended successfully."

Tohoshinki's dream to be able to stand on the brilliant stage of the Tokyo Dome, since their debut in Japan in 2005, has finally successfully come true.

Tohoshinki had 2 days of Lives at the Tokyo Dome, and their Japan National Tour "Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour 2009 - The Secret Code -" attracted about 300,000 people.

1) What are your thoughts on having concluded a long tour consisting of 9 cities and 21 performances?
Compared to our previous tours, there were more Lives this year, and there was an increase in the feeling of wanting to complete this properly.

Through the national tour we're able to experience the different cultures in different parts of Japan, and we could get first hand knowledge on each city's food and local specialties, this is a different kind of enjoyment in itself.

It still feels like the tour has not ended. Especially because the last stage was at the Tokyo Dome, the feeling is unbelievable.

Since our debut in Japan, the members have always said "I hope to have a Tokyo Dome concert one day". To be able to realise this dream, we feel really blessed.

2) During the tour, were there any small happenings?
We managed to take time out of our schedules to go to the hot springs with our dancers, band and staff to destress. We were able to see a side of the staff that we don't commonly see, and it gave us a good chance to bond, it was very meaningful.

3) Which performance location is the most memorable, and why?
It seems like the members all agree that it's at Sapporo. This is because Xiah Junsu was injured and couldn't participate in the dance portions, but the performance at Sapporo was when he was almost fully recovered, and from the Sapporo concert onwards, Junsu could dance with us again. Also, we could once again show everyone a perfect stage that consisted of the 5 of us. (T/N: ;_________;)

4) What special preparations did you make for the Tokyo Dome?
In addition to all the performances we had previously, we also prepared the members' solo and duet performances. In a big arena that can house 50,000 people, we wanted to find the perfect way to engage everyone effectively.

Thus, right in front of the main stage, there are smaller stages, and in order to close the distance between us and the audience, there was also a stage that could rotate. The number of backup dancers also increased. We also added movable carts on the stage to achieve a special effect.

The best thing about have such a huge space like the Tokyo Dome is that we can add on to the performance contents effectively.

5) How do you feel about being the first Korean group to stand on the Tokyo Dome's stage?
Although being the first is not that important to us, but we have always regarded standing in the Tokyo Dome as one of our aims since we began our activities in Japan, and to be able to achieve this sooner than we thought made us really happy.

When we first entered Japan as newbies and heard that Japan's top artistes perform at the Tokyo Dome, the members often said things like, "When can we have our own concert at the Tokyo Dome too?"

When we look back at that period of time when we worked hard to achieve our goals, to be able to now stand on that stage, and together with 50,000 people, to breathe together, sing together, we really feel so moved, and so blessed.

Source: [DNBN + heyjj]
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