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[TRANS] Fantasy Star – Fantasista June issue

Each month will be picked a member to get a personality analysis.

This month is JUNSU

All: let’s do it (applause)

Junsu: (covered face with both hands, and blushed) Aa~ What to do? I’m ashamed!

Changmin: Junsu is very friendly. Yet, he’s also a naughty child! (laughs)

Jaejoong: That’s my influence (laughs). He’s a really hard worker. When he’s on the stage, he does look like our senior. But the negative side of him, he recently broke his promise.

Junsu: (cut Jaejoong impatiently) What? What?

Jaejoong: A long time ago, when he lost his weight, he promised to his fans that he would eat a lot and didn’t lose his weight anymore! But because Junsu’s face is lovely, he’s able to slide it (laughs).

(Incidentally Junsu is now thinner for 3 kg – so he broke his promise to keep his weight)

Yoochun: Junsu is someone whom for the first time I actually made friends with.

Changmin: That is so regrettable! (laughs)

Yoochun: It’s true. I don’t have many friends aside from the members, thus I always have appreciated Junsu’s kindness to me. Thank you.

Yunho: Junsu is someone who naturally carries himself as a man. He’s a very kind person.

After a very fillial devotion, the frequency to call the family everyday increases! Junsu, you’re so great!

Junsu: I’m so shy (laughs). I’m basically a person with bright personality. However when I first meet someone, I can’t really show the inside of me. So it’s to someone who is sincere and trustful, that’s one I can befriend with.

Jaejoong: Oh Junsu! I love you!

All: I love you~ (singing Gospeller’s “One”)

This month, the two, Yoochun and Junsu will click together to highlight each other personality!
The dialogue between two person you must read!

Q: Talking about poor things?

YC: The woman who was hooked up with Junsu was a poor one! (laughs)

JS: GUAHAHAHAHAHA. But yeah, really, I was so shy. I’m really really not good in love. Yet, I think I’m a bit early for love (cool-ly)


Q: Do you think you have changed now?

JS: I don’t think it’s a big difference. But recently, I think I have changed a little . When you compare it to the past, there are various positive things grown in me. I was very shy, but ever since I debuted, for having so many opportunities to be in front (meet a lot of people), I guess I become brighter and I’m not a shy boy anymore!

YC: Well, for me, Junsu has always had a strange loud laugh. “GUAHAHAHAHAHA” whan I first heard it, I was really surprised. But to think it now, I guess that’s the attractiveness of Junsu.

JS: Then.. thank you to you~♪

Q: How do you get rid of stress?

JS: Exercises! I can forget all the unpleasant things by playing football. When I’m weak, after a song is sung by yelling and a game is done. My feeling clears up.

YC: I’ll go taking shower or composing music.

Q: What is your speaking habit?

JS: I think it’s not a speaking habit… when I was a kid, I was not able to pronounce Korean “TA” and “SA” very well. So I always say “TARANHAEYO” instead of “SARANGHAEYO”. If that you can consider as a habit (laughs). Even now, when I’m flurried, that habit tends to come out unconciously (laughs)

- When speaking Japanese, Junsu also has habit to start everything with “Aaaa…” and ended with “Su” (T/N: not sure)

JS: for that “Aaaa..” thing, I’ve been always get caught (laugh)

YC: I also notice that Junsu always ends everything with “Su” when speaking Japanese.

JS: I guess everyone who knows about my speaking habit increases (laughs)

Q: What do you plan to do in next vacation?

JS: I want to go to amusement park or hotspring! Previously, I also wanted to try Japanese samurai hair style, “CHONMAGE” and went to hotspring in Shimoda. I want to play as a samurai in the hotspring!

YC: I want to do water sports! Like basketball pool.

Q: Talk about negative things?

JS: Yoochun is loosing a lot of weights!

YC: Do you think so? Yeah, I don’t even eat breakfast because I think it will be bad for me. I think that’s the cause.

JS: and he’s also not a morning person.

YC: I know Junsu has been really easy to be waken up. But I really hardly sleep. That’s why once I fell asleep, I can’t wake up anymore (laughs). And even if I do, it’s slow for me to completely refreshed.

JS: But he also has positive things. He always can melt the atmosphere with his easy going style.

Q: At fanmeeting place, what kind of person which is conspicious?

YC: For me, person who is conspicious is a mother with her little child. The mother fan came with her children and they were happy together. It’s really nice to watch such scene!

JS: The person who held a head gear of horse and came at the handshake meeting of artist book was very conspicious!

YC: yes. When shaking hands with that fan who held the horse’s head gear, the hands were trembling, and the fan tried to entertain us! As a result, the atmosphere became pleasant.

(T/N: I’m not sure with this fan with horse head gear thingy ^^;;;)

Q: What is Japan TV program you like?

YC: Song program! Afterall, there are various artists who make appearance in the show.

We like TBS TV “Worldwide Ururun Love”. I’m always impressed, and tears often falls down. It’s a good program!

JS: I love it too!

Q: What is the thing you do and can’t miss everyday?

YC: For Junsu is playing game!

JS: and I’m always the winner (laughs). Yoochun has never yet been succeed beating me!

YC: Junsu is really strong among us 5. But considerably, he’s overtook. Before this, Changmin was finally win over him!

Q: Positive things?

YC: Junsu’s positive things?? For me?

JS: Positive things? Is there even any? (laughs)

YC: Terrible (laughs). I think he’s a natural person.

JS: Yoochun has a deep thought and warm heart. And he’s also humorous. I think he’s the mood maker of TVXQ. He has a simple face.

YC: Wait.. simple face? (laughs)

JS: Oh… While me, I look so sharp and cool! (laughs)

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