Thursday, May 21, 2009

[News] Swine Flu Attack in Kansai and The Secret Code Concert- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

The Swine Flu Attack and May 23th – 24th Japan Tour.

May 23th – May 24th – Tohoshinki is scheduled to have performances in Sapporo.

길혜성 News | 2009/05/21 10:11

The spreading of influenza in region of Kasai, Japan makes a lot of new artists to cancel all performances, however the current national tour held by Tohoshinki is not yet affected.

Tohoshinki is now running their 4th Japan tour The Secret Code, which was begun in Kobe (May 4th -5th), Saitama (May 9th – 10th), Sendai (May 16th – 17th), etc.

On May 21st Tohoshinki’s spokesperson Song Hwang Ri said, “On May 23rd – 24th, Tohoshinki will have concert in Sapporo and Sapporo is not in Kansai region.”

Thus, up until now, Tohoshinki’s 4th live tour in Japan will be able to run safely. But the problem will raise in the mid-June, where Tohoshinki’s concert finally is scheduled to be performed in several cities in Kansai region: Osaka (June 10th – 11th, June 13th – 14th) and Nagoya (June 18th, 20th, and 21st).

For Kansai region in Japan is currently stated as new influenza pandemic, Tohoshinki’s concert can’t guarantee to be held as scheduled in those areas. There’s one popular singer’s performances which was originally scheduled to be held in that area as well, however due to the spread of influenze cases in Kansai, has been recently canceled.

Meanwhile, Tohoshinki’s Tokyo Dome The Secret Code concert will be held on July 4th – 5th as the last show of the tour.

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