Sunday, September 28, 2008

[Photos] HoSu hug- 090825- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

Its so rare to see a HoSu moment!
and i'm so happy that a fan caught one!!.
besides yunjae i like hosu too.
but yunjae still "reigns" in my heart!!!hahaha

and i heard that its rare for junsu to hug some of the members^^

credits: as tagged l 433@TTF

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jj.madness said...

wahhh the way JS hugges YH already makes me jealous and that big smile on YH face...OMO they better hope our Joongie didnt catch this on naver or else she would slice them!! like for real this time..with no mercy! hahah damn our boys are soo cute, even thou Hosu is not big but its always happenin, in every single interview or show, u coudl alwayc catch those 2 glancin at one and another from time to time. it just this time its more OPEN! haha

man the way JS throw himself at Yh reminds me of a lovin gf seein her bf which was way for a week lol the funny thing is, they are at a parkin lot, speculatin that to be their apt, yet they still hug! that raised my brows. is JS cant hold bk the urge to hug YH and is afriad JJ would would kill them, so he JUST hv to hug YH in the parkin lot?

this is a very fishy scene! hahah

YH smile is still annoyin me thou, he never smile that wide at JJ! aish!